VR Projects

Below are a list of VR projects I have been working on. For updates follow me on twitter: https://twitter.com/RedOfPaw

VR Jam, gearvr, storytelling, nick pittom, vr, kevin dart, colosse, shadow of the collosus

‘COLOSSE’ is a real-time VR storytelling experience, with a stylized, character-focused visual narrative. The viewer’s gaze – the things they pay most attention to – will direct the experience around them, giving them a subtle control over events as they unfold. It has been created for the Oculus Mobile VRJam.



Click the image above or HERE to go to the VRJam entry page.




Due to a request by Studio Ghibli, these demos will sadly no longer be available. I hope that everyone who got a chance to play them enjoyed them and I hope you enjoy future projects I am able to bring to you.

Thanks again for all your support!


Produced by Psytec Games, Windlands is a first person grappling hook exploration game. Soar through the ruins of a fallen civilisation and discover the secrets of the ancient world. Designed with full Virtual Reality support for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, also works great in Non VR.

You can get it for OCULUS RIFT HERE and for HTC VIVE and nonVR HERE

Dungeon, crawler, vr, crystal, rift, vive

Produced by Psytec Games, Crystal Rift is a Grid-Based Dungeon-Crawler in classic first person perspective. An experiential horror challenge game that takes the player through a series of increasingly mysterious locations. Includes full Virtual Reality support.

You can get it for OCULUS RIFT HERE and for HTC VIVE and nonVR HERE


VR, medical, hospital, surgery, RCSI, Immersive, Education

The ‘RCSI Medical Training Sim’ is a free VR app now available on GearVR. Learn the procedures necessary to help save the life of an ER patient, or for professionals test your medical knowledge.

It was developed by Fire Panda and produced by Immersive VR Education for the RCSI.



Immersive VR Education are producing an experience based upon the historic 1969 moon landing, and Fire Panda are helping them bring it to life. You take the place of Neil Armstrong as the Apollo 11 crew rocket into space and land on the surface of our closest celestial neighbour.

The experience uses official NASA archive footage, audio and data to recreate the events for viewers to experience first hand.

For more information on the Apollo 11 VR Experience and Immersive VR Education, visit their website below:


Echo Red, VR, Oculus, Rift, game,Echo Red, VR, Oculus, game, Virtual Reality, dr red

Currently in production, Echo Red will feature a heavy focus on storytelling, motion-control interaction, and  physics based combat and puzzles. More info soon.





98 thoughts on “VR Projects

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  2. Heya! Thanks for this, this is one of my favorite experiences in the Rift to date. 🙂

    Very cool seeing “grandpa” loom over and look at me, and watching the little soot guys was so cute.
    Just another reason for me to tell people that vr IS the future of gaming! 🙂

    Keep it up!!!

  3. I am new to the rift and struggling to get this up on the vr vs my main screen. I am using Windows 7 and extending displays – any suggestions?

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  5. Tried this tonight with the Rift, fantastic job! Makes me WISH the rift was in HD 😦 Almost feel like the low res takes away from the environment you’ve made.
    I run Mac and Windows with the rift. Linux as well, but the graphics card on my linux box is terrible. If you need any testers, I’d be glad to help.

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  10. I’ve always been a big BIG fan of Spirited Away. I don’t have an Oculus rift, yet (waiting for CK1, or at least DK2). From reading the reviews, I can tell that you’ve done an impressive job.

    I have one request, if you could recreate the ‘train on water’ scene in VR, my life is complete 🙂

    • There’s a video from Cymatic Bruce playing it if you’ve not seen it yet 😉

      Totoro is currently being made and then I suspect the Train scene may be next 🙂 There’s some big challenges however. The water is a BIG challenge for instance. Making water in Unity is tough enough without payed for plugins, and even then it needs to not only look good, but match the film. Tricky.

      In the meantime here’s some Totoro progress:

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  23. Great stuff!

    Only one minor issue – there’s no ‘mouse look’ in the Spirited Away scene, the way there is in Totoro.

    You can still get around with ‘Q’ and ‘E’ but mouse look is better!


  24. On PC, I enjoyed Totoro. Thanks! That’s fantastic! But, I’d like to play on Mac. Ver1.1-0.2.5c_OSX does not work. 7 string lines (“Mag Uncalibrated”, “FPS:0”, etc) displayed on black screen, and sound of rain … Nothing happens. Please build workable version for mac.
    (the Spirited Away works on mac. Thank you again.)

  25. Strange. Some people it works for. Mac support is not 100% right now, as I don’t have a mac to test on… sorry. I’ll do my best to get everything working asap.

  26. i had to come down here to post a comment after seing both the demos…. I have to say you did a really amazing job . it sooo looks like the cartoon your texturing work animation as well as how you capture the scene is spot on ! thanks a lot 🙂

    • Hey Klas, Sadly I’ve had a lot of trouble with Mac/Linux versions – mostly as I don’t have either to test them myself. I’m actually working on greatly optimised versions of both demos, and will be re-releasing them as soon as the newer SDK is available. I’ll certainly try an x86 version, but having tried all the different options available I seem to remember having trouble with the x86 for other reasons.

      In any case I hope to have newer, better versions ready very soon – and certainly in time for DK2.

      • Hi All

        I’ve got the same “mag uncalibrated” issue on my Mac too, but you can workaround it by running it in 32-bit mode.

        Right click on the app, select “Get Info”, then on the pop-up menu that appears, check the box for “Open in 32-bit mode”, then open the app again, it should work.

        OS: Mac OSX v10.9.3
        App Version Tested: MyNeighbourTotoro-VR-V1.1-0.2.5c_OSX.app

  27. Great to know 😀 I suspect in time I will have to invest in test machinery all around, but while it’s still not my main source of work I can’t quite justify it – which is why only the PC versions go on Share, as they’re the only ones I can guarantee work (give or take!).

    Looking forward to some ambitious projects coming up and hopefully I can ensure Mac and Linux users also get to enjoy. VR is so awesome, and I’d love to be able to share my work with as many people as possible regardless of platform.

  28. Hi!

    This is so incredible!! I’m not trying to be ungreatful and greedy, but is there a SLIGHT chance that you will build the whole bath-house with Yubaba and the other iconic characters in that movie? I would love to walk around there 🙂

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  32. I tried to enjoy the demo on DK2 but the “out of camera range” message is too sensitive. Comes up too quickly. I only get a very small volume to move my head in despite the fact that the camera is a good 4′ from the headset and pointed directly at my face. The warning pops up and then it begins to fade out and any interest is lost. Still a splendid demo though. Enjoyed it on DK1!! It’s just DK2 that is lacking with the intrusive warnings. Hope these problems are solved in the future. Frankly I would recommend just removing the warning and fading entirely and letting the user lean until the camera glitches. Seems like a better solution than arbitrarily limiting the tracking volume with a warning and fade out.

  33. Hi redofpaw,

    I just got my DK2 and have a problem.
    When I start the application everything becomes really slow, then when it starts it is not on the Rift but on my main monitor.

    I am using a tripple monitor setup so sadly I cannot duplicate my screen as the Oculus does not support this resolution. 😦

    Is their a way to start it directly on the Rift? I tried using my Rift as main monitor but it didn’t work.

    Greetings from Lübeck,

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