Colosse wins the Audience Choice Award at the Kaleidoscope VR Film Fest!

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Kaleidoscope VR are having a Film Festival in the US, touring a number of cities to show VR content to the masses, and Colosse, the animated VR film I worked on, won the Audience Choice Award at it’s first stop in Portland!

Which is nice 🙂

You can see more on the festival at their Twitter HERE and hopefully Colosse will go on to win again, which would also be lovely.

We’re currently in the process of polishing up Colosse for a ‘final’ release on the GearVR store, so keep an eye out for that 😀


Crystal Rift – Updated with Monsters, Sword fighting, HTC Vive

Hey folks – Crystal Rift, a game I am working on, has been updated.

Monsters & Sword

We’ve added New Monsters with their own AI, fully animated and very cool when you meet them in all their 6ft+ glory. To tackle these creatures we have also added an epic new Crystal Bladeto help you on your way – which of course works with regular ol’ gamepad, but is also especially excellent with VR input, allowing you to hold the sword itself in your hand. This sword is not merely to swing around, but has multiple powers such as poison bolts and fireballs to help you survive.

Here is a new trailer with the new Monsters for your viewing pleasure:

And some screenshots of the new monsters in action:

HTC Vive

We were so impressed by HTC Vive when we tried it at EGX Rezzed in April that we immediately started work on Vive support. We’re very pleased to say that it is now ready and those lucky enough to have access will be able to try it now! Happily the full game will also be ready for Vive when you get your own, which is nice. Of course we also plan to support Oculus Touch input controls, so those going with the Rift will not be left out of the fun, we also support controllers and keyboard.


The dungeons of Crystal Rift have been overhauled and reworked and the entire experience is now at a new ‘real world’ scale to best accommodate standing experiences (the old scale is available from the Options Menu).

New Team Members

In addition to all that, we’re happy to report that our team has grown, taking in the awesome 3D artist Robert Ramsay to craft our new monsters (as well as overhaul the old ones) and Thiago Craveiro, who is on Level Design, AI and User Experience. These guys have really helped push the game to a new level of polish and we’re thrilled with their work.

VRJam public voting

Hey folks! So the public voting for the Oculus Mobile VRJam is now open and you can cast you votes! These votes are for the public choice award and the experience or game with the most votes win. You can of course vote for any, but I would ask you kindly if you might consider voting for Colosse by clicking on the picture below 🙂

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Oculus Mobile VR Jam – Colosse: A VR Storytelling Experience

VR Jam, gearvr, storytelling, nick pittom, vr, kevin dart, colosse, shadow of the collosus

Hey all!

So I have been busy working on a new VR experience for GearVR, as part of a VR ‘jam’ – teams get together to create a new experience of game over the course of a few weeks and winners get prizes. It’s a great way to generate content for the burgeoning GearVR headset.

I’m working with the following awesome talent:

Joseph Chen – Producer
Kevin Dart – Art/Concept
Jasmin Lai – Art/Concept
Eran Hilleli – Art/3D
Jasper Trenfield – Animation
Nelson Boles – Animation
Alex Grigg – Animation
Daniel Sproll – UX
David Kamp – Music/Audio
Jason Storey – Coder

Learn more about the Jam and also my team’s entry here:

The trailer can be viewed here: