Crystal Rift – Kickstarter Passed! Plus… other stuff!

Kickstarter, VR, Oculus Rift, Crystal Rift,

Crystal Rift has passed it’s Kickstarter! This gives us the funds to cover some costs and move onto the next step 😀 We’ve got some big plans for the editor (Which people will be able to use to make their own levels!) and are looking at getting out to other platforms as well. Fun times!

In other news, I am stepping up progress on my other Kickstarter game, which you may remember as part of the Kickstarter for my trip to Oculus Connect, otherwise known as Red Of Paw’s Big Crazy Stupid Adventure and American Pie! The first level is being made, as well as all the stuff to fill it up. Once I have made some good progress I plan on releasing the first level as a demo for everyone to play, as well as finally decide on what to name it. More fun times!

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