My Neighbour Totoro – Demo now available!

The demo for My Neighbour Totoro VR, Bus Stop Scene, is now available for all to download for PC – with the latest SDK!

Mac and Linux versions will be uploaded as soon as I can get them made and tested.

My Neighbour Totoro VR, The Bus Stop Scene

My Neighbour Totoro VR, The Bus Stop Scene My Neighbour Totoro VR, The Bus Stop Scene


PC users can try the latest DK2 SDK version HERE.

The Linux version should be run in 64bit only – and may not work for some. 

Mac version is best downloaded with Firefox – additionally: Right click on the app, select “Get Info”, then on the pop-up menu that appears, check the box for “Open in 32-bit mode”, then open the app again, it should work. Thanks to 

For updates follow me on twitter:

Please Donate if you can!

This is a non-profit project and I won’t be making any money from it, but any support you can give for future scenes is appreciated. Funds will go towards assets and software at first, and if possible towards hardware to better produce VR experiences. You can donate either on Paypal or with Bitcoin below:

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Note: Donations are made to my personal company ‘Fire Panda’, which is a new company set up for my work as a freelancer, and eventually my VR work (when I get good enough!) – 

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  1. Oliver · June 2

    Looks cool!
    However, the download links seem to have gone into the “rel” attribute, not the “href”. So anyone interested in downloading: Open Developer Tools (inspect element) and look for a link leading to some “mega” download.

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  3. roulito · June 2

    that seems awesome but the rift isn’t detected with the mac version? any idea of what could be wrong? cheers.

    • redofpaw · June 2

      Hmm… that’s odd… Have you tried on more than one machine?

      • roulito · June 2

        nope, I’ll try that today and let u know. thanx for answering.

      • redofpaw · June 2

        It may be the SDK version I was using doesn’t support Mac (doh!) – let me know and if it still doesn’t work I’ll ensure the next version does.

      • zav · June 2

        I’m using the Oculus V1 and I get no image on the Mac under 10.8.5. Sucks.

      • redofpaw · June 2

        Having trouble with the OSX versions, but I hope to have a newer, better running one ready for DK2 that will work well for Mac and Linux.

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  6. WOW the animation follows the movie exactly!! and the little totoros!!!! nice touch. wasn’t expecting that.

  7. Hershel Layton · June 2

    I don’t have an Oculus Rift and I want to be able to play it without dual screens.
    Is there any way I can go about doing this? Looks fantastic so far! Thanks.

    • redofpaw · June 2

      Sadly not! It’s all been made to work on Rift only. Sorry about that :) But I do recommend getting one!

  8. roulito · June 2

    OK, I tried on my other mac, which has a different OS, and I confirm this is not working…Frustrating :( hope you can fix this soon. this looks so amazing, you are the one who made this?

  9. redofpaw · June 2

    Mac and Linux versions for My Neighbour Totoro are down until I can fix them, but thanks for trying them :)

  10. DJCarson · June 2

    I’m getting an “Out of Camera Range” error flashing on the screen. Anyone else?

    • redofpaw · June 2

      The version you’ve tried uses the new SDK, which is ready for the DK2 and uses a camera for positional tracking. I’ll swap it back to the other version and you will be able to download that :)

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  12. OJI · June 2

    for the cowboy bebop one you could do a scene from the start of the movie where the antagonist blows up a truck containing a deadly nanovirus. the player would be a passenger in a vehicle beneath the bridge where the explosion takes place. eventually they would succumb to the poisonous gas and start hallucinating butterflies. im not sure how iconic that scene is though, also none of the key characters of the series would be visible.

    you could do the opening scene from the movie with the convenience store robbery if ur up to animating that much.

    or u could just have the interior of the bebop and have the character play as ein.

    im just riffing here. ur projects are inspiring… they may be only small isolated scenes but the way you captured the feel of the originals, and allowing us to set foot in them, really made their fictional worlds tangible and real. watching those movies as a child i sometimes fantasized that those people were real and i could go there one day… i got real chills seeing totoro beside me.

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  16. I’m using DK1, mac os version. I’m not sure, but it seems the graphic is not properly calibrated?

    • redofpaw · June 2

      Can you give me more details?

      • Other demos when I wear Oculus the view on the left and the right merge into a single vision but yours is as if I’m having a double vision, it made me sick.

        Hope that’ll make sense.

      • redofpaw · June 2

        Sadly I’m not sure why that would be the case. Hopefully the new Mac SDK comes out soon and I will be able to get new versions made.

  17. When using Mac OSX 10.9.4 and SDK .4.1 the demo seems to appear on the left side of the rift, but the right side is flashing white and looks like the desktop in the background.

    I launched totoro on the primary display then dragged it into the rift display and then did full screen. Is there a better method? When I launched on the laptop monitor directly, the demo was full screen as expected.

    • redofpaw · June 2


      Sadly I don’t use Mac, so I’m not sure of the best way to approach it. Hopefully I’ll get a new Mac version up soon and that should fix issues. Will post in the blog when I do.


  18. Cory Johnson · June 2

    +1 for being willing to test Mac releases whenever possible and eagerly hoping for future Mac support/development.

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  20. Simon K · 27 Days Ago

    i wasn’t able to open either totoro or spirited away demo on my mac. running latest version of mavericks on Macbook Pro with a DK2. I tried opening more info as you suggested, and didn’t see a run in 32bit mode checkbox. I saw a checkbox for running in lower resolution. I’m excited to see these! I’m sure you are very busy, so I will patiently wait for the experience. Might even install Windows. Thanks for creating this!

    • redofpaw · 27 Days Ago

      Thanks :) Mac version is something I cannot test and it may be the latest version doesn’t work… however Windows should indeed work.

  21. TheJackFrom4170 · 16 Days Ago

    Excellent job!
    It’s basically just like the movie if it had a CG makeover.

    It would be nice if there was also a Google Cardboard [Android/Linux ARM] version of it (Not forcing ya, but it’s a nice suggestion).

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