My Neighbour Totoro VR – In Game Progress #1

Here is the first in-game preview of Totoro at the bus stop!

My Neighbour Totoro VR, 3D, UnityTotoro himself is not yet 100% – note the missing leaf, and he will look a lot different in body position once animated of course.

Shrine visible to the right.

There’s been some very big challenges with this one! Trees and plants/grass as well as the rain (just visible) have been very difficult to match. With a room, like in the Spirited Away demo, I can paint the walls exactly as I want, but here I have to work within the systems Unity provides, which is a little less explicit in allowing you to control it, but it’s still pretty solid.

Grass, textures and trees are ‘painted’ on, with distant ones becoming ‘billboards’ that in the nighttime lighting do not look great by default. However some experimentation has led to a good compromise, and I think I’ve cracked it.

Animation is currently underway, with talented animator, Keith Sizemore working on Totoro right now.

Plenty more to do, however. Puddles need to be added on the road, Catbus is to be finished, a toad modeled and animated, along with all the game logic and functionality I want to add, but it’s getting there quicker than I had hoped at this stage and is well on it’s way to completion.

When it’s fully complete I may even add in a few easter eggs for the eagle eyed/persistent among you to discover.

7 thoughts on “My Neighbour Totoro VR – In Game Progress #1

  1. doing well great
    i hope the rain will be heavy as the same scene in the movie ( i understand that it’s hard to make..)

    and about the idea of adding ‘easter eggs’ will be really amazing:)

  2. The particle system will only output so many particles – although I could double up of course! The plan is to get as close to the film as possible. Easter eggs… well… got a few fun ideas.

  3. Hi , I’m really impressed by your work with spirited away builer room and can’t w8 to see totoro. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  4. My girlfriend LOVES Totoro and can’t wait for this to be finished! I like your work a lot too, the Boiler Room was great!! =) I’m looking forward to this!

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