Studio Ghibli Demos: Sadly gone…


Due to a request by Studio Ghibli, these demos will sadly no longer be available. I hope that everyone who got a chance to play them enjoyed them and I hope you enjoy future projects I am able to bring to you.

Thanks again for all your support!


Colosse on Vive and other things…

Colosse on Vive

Colosse, a realtime VR storytelling experience that I made with a bunch of talented folks is now on SteamVR for Vive on Steam! You know the one… it won Gold in the Oculus Mobile VR Jam and is now on Rift and GearVR stores to play for free? Yes? Sure you do. It’s the same as before, of course, but now in your Vive, which is nice, and you can get it on Steam by clicking the picture below:


Oculus Rift and HTC Vive launch

The launches of the Rift and the Vive have been very exciting (if a little delayed for some people, maybe, perhaps…). However, they have also be really exciting! The two Psytec Games games Crystal Rift and Windlands are now fully released on both headsets (and non-VR on Steam) and you can buy them now if you want!

Vive Launch Titles

Click on the images below to go to the store:



Crystal Rift


Apollo 11


Rift Launch Titles:



Crystal Rift


Apollo 11



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VR ER & Windlands

Busy busy time! I’ve been working on a LOT of projects recently…

First up, here is a trailer for a GearVR ‘VR ER‘ experience for the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, produced by Immersive VR Education, developed by Fire Panda:

The experience takes you through what it’s like for a Resus team after an accident and challenges the user to complete the necessary work to keep the patient alive.

As well as Crystal Rift, Psytec  (Crystal Rift publisher) has taken up Windlands and we are accelerating it towards release. It’s an awesome game and is massive fun on Vive:

Meanwhile, work continues on Crystal Rift. We’re very close to final release! Here’s an image of a Dragon, who is just lovely:

The Apollo 11 experience wins Time Warner Future of Storytelling prize!

Hey guys,

The Apollo 11 VR experience has won the Time Warner ‘Future of Storytelling’ prize!


I’ve been working with them on the experience and it’s pretty awesome! It’s equally awesome that it won 😀 Click the below text to go to the FOST website:

Technology is changing the ways that we tell stories, allowing for greater interactivity, participation, and emotional engagement. To celebrate this renaissance of creativity, we’re excited to announce the second annual FoST Prize, a global competition designed to recognize the boundless ingenuity of the storytelling community at large! We’re in search of the world’s most innovative and adventurous story creators, working across platforms to mastermind boldly interactive narratives.

For me this sort of production is an amazing documentary experience and provides a way of experiencing events and history that no other medium can.

You can read a great Upload article on the latest experience HERE.

You can go to the official website HERE and down load the DK2 demo.

Or see it on the Fire Panda website HERE.