Crystal Rift – A VR Dungeon Exploration experience. Now on Greenlight!

I hope you enjoyed the LOVELY trailer I spent a while making :)

Crystal Rift, a game I have joined the production of with Jon Hibbins, has a new Alpha demo, with LOTS of lovely improvements and you can get it here:


Crystal Rift is an experiential horror challenge game that takes the player through a series of increasingly mysterious locations. The game has been developed primarily for virtual reality headsets such as the Oculus Rift and GearVR, but is also a great experience for those without headsets. It was inspired by classic games such as Dungeon Master and Eye of the Beholder with grid-based movement.

An immersive virtual reality experience, Crystal Rift will be released with a over 20 levels, with unique styles and settings, to provide many hours of gameplay. The player slowly uncovers the narrative and story through exploration, discovering dark secrets and following the path of those who have come before.

The in-game editor also allows users the ability create and share their own content, further extending the game’s lifespan.

GearVR is a target for us, and we hope to get a demo ready as soon as it’s possible to do so! We’ve also gone onto Greenlight, so if you’re feeling generous, please vote for us here:

Direct Steam Greenlight link[2]

Greenlight Website link[3]

‘PROTO’ – My Sci Fi Short Film – now available to watch online!

Hey folks! I made this back in 2012 and now, after a round of festivals, it is now online!

I spend two years on this film, and am immensely proud of it!

VR provides so many awesome opportunities and as much fun as I had making this film I feel there are so many ways I can tell stories I would not have been able to before.

So as well as my ‘game’ VR experiences, I will be working to tell stories through this new exciting medium :D

In the meantime, please enjoy!

All demos updated once more to the new 0.4.2 SDK!

Hey folks!

All three demos are once again updated, this time to the new 0.4.2 SDK, bringing much better performance to all of them in the DK2. Other optimisations and improvements as well.

Download them at these links:

My Neighbour Totoro – The Bus Stop Scene 

Spirited Away – Boiler Room

“RedOfPaw’s Big Crazy Stupid VR Adventure and American Pie” – Kickstarter Demo

Please remember to update to the latest Windows Runtime: